Monday, December 8, 2008

Now a member of......

"My favorite song's of all time" playlist

Plus the singer looks like Panhead Willy


Banned me again, only one post this time, not even a mean one. I'll have to be a little more discrete on the name, which I can't say.............he's watching my every move...

The Nazi Journals

Who am I kidding, I'll still go on that shit, I just really love Photoshop though.

My 100th POST!!!!.......

...was wasted for this hunkajunk? jk lmao rofl omg ttl bff!!!!!!!

J.K. Aaron, congrats on the new/old/first bike!!!!

Friday, December 5, 2008



Monday, December 1, 2008


I saw this on display, did the artist know I would like it?

This weekend

On the way to Mc D's my shift lever least it was in his neighborhood. I pulled out the dudes welder and did the best I could while his old man sat and bullshitted with me. Mc D wet sanded his new flake job in the garage. Wendy came by just as I finished up on my bike,and did a few test shots with her new lenses, Ryan began wrapping up his paint stuff.
I decided to give everyone the shits be voting to have lunch at Tommy's.After, Wendy shot the sweet ass pictures from the previous post, as well as many more which I was to lazy to post(also amazing)......then Ryan followed me to High Desert Performance to order a rear tire, I hope it fits........sweet weekend.