Monday, February 20, 2012

I'm staying busy, I promise

I'm staying busy doing a bunch of stupid shit with the homies, I swear it!!! Here are a few pictures of some stuff I've been working on, and there are a lot of things getting done that we DIDN'T get pictures of...anyways, fuck off for a while, okay?

Helmet stripe job I did

 I've always shaved my balls, but recently shaved a COUPLE pairs of legs recently. (these are mine)
 Lines for Logan's be-otch cruiser, he is good people fosho!!!
 DxBxMxFx Represent on the carpeted workbench...oo lala, classy
Germ Dirty's new rattle can job: $30 worth of material + a loser who thinks he has talent = $30 dollars wasted on a girl bike!!!

Sunday, February 5, 2012


I realized that blogs are suck, and I'd rather be in the garage, fuck this shit....I'll post in a month when I am ready to blow minds. Maybe sooner,maybe not...  fuck it.