Monday, March 29, 2010

Jesus Nate a good guy to have around. He managed to snap a few pictures of our kickstand repair job on Frasier's bike, which may be better than new, when you ride like a real DEADBEATMOTHERFUCKER!!!! He also got this great shot of when he and the crew stopped by for some skate board action, BB gun madness...and Subway, I guess.
I'm glad these couple o' dudes are now gonna start riding around with's been too long!!! Between Jesus Nate, Bret, Jeremy, Danny the Dog, Mr.Fantastic, and Mc Chop, those fool's had a mean ass little group rollin' Good times ahoy!!!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Finally Sick Nick!!!

Actually, thanks Mc Chop, for helping Sickolas on the wiring.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Just gettin our shit together

B-fraysh and Jesus Nate stopped by the other night so we could start putting a parts list together for Long beach swapmeet this Sunday. We are gonna try and get as much shit as we can so we can start getting our hands dirty on both their bikes. I'M PUMPED!!! Thanks for the pix Nate, see you guys Sunday!!! FIXIES SUCK, lol, I'm jus' playin'. Oh yeah Mc D was over too, obsessing about chili dogs, ROFL.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Bike related NO, sweetnicity related YES

What's the best thing to do when you wake up semi-early on a sunny day? GO RIDING!!!!Do you know what the second-best thing is though? Shooting!!! Especially when you got wrist surgery a week ago, and riding isn't really an option....needless to say blasting multiple calibers including my 12 GA. isn't exactly Doctors orders.My hand swelled up a little, but that is the joy of having my last few pills of vicadin left from the perscripshie...Me and a few of my boys (and girls) decided to go to the next County and pop off some rounds, a few hours and some funny ass targets makes for a good time, so long as you got a couple chairs, a burglar beanie, and some Gatorades...the chorizo breakfast burritos weren't the best idea.Pretty much, we had fun, and freaked out the other people who were unfortunate enough to be shooting a stones-throw away from us....FUCK IT. (next time we takin' EVERY DEADBEAT)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tomorrow Morning

10:00a.m.-Me and some of my boys are gonna fuck shit up, I spray painted a Zombie head on some cardboard and shit!!! BRADADADADADADADATTTTAATATATA!!!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

"Outcast Among Outcast"

In a sea of hardcore biker blogger faggers and shaggers, how is it that DEADBEATS go unnoticed? I think I know. I view many blogs daily, with their recycled scanned pictures from old biker rags, and pictures stolen from other blogs or from google-imaging for hours....they post a few pictures of "Gnarly" panheads, and "Righteous" shovelheads, and think they are in with the in crowd.Is that all it takes? No.

You gotta take it a step further, you start making logos with your blog's name on them, then stickers, then shirts. You then send your shit to other fag ass bloggers with some sorta "street-cred goodies" a rusty bolt, or straight razor perhaps, along of course, with your complimentary "Shit" i.e. stickers, shirts, and mesh/polyester truckers hats...all with your swazi/eagle/wheel/sparkplug/wrench/skull logo blasted on each item.

He then posts on his blog the rad goodies he got from you, and states that you are rad. You then follow up by linking each others blogs, and wieners for all eternity. You then post a for sale add on your blog, usually some vintage dog-shit bates risers on flanders daisy dukes and say to contact you if someone is interested.....funny thing is everyone is interested, because they already have your shirt, and now want to claim they did buisiness with you, and that you are a stand-up guy and are rad.

SO, since DEADBEATMOTHERFUCKERS don't have rad shirts and belts and hats and key fobs, we will remain outcasts in a sea of outcasts. You rebels will hug, and snap roudy drunken pictures at the nearest DiCE party, and post and blog and chat and caress on anothers virtual balls via the coolest chopper forums for months and weeks to come, until the next "backyard chopper fest"...only to repeat.Next thing you know, there are five new blogs, with five new shirts, with five new pan/shovel projects in the works. These guys are as new and gay to this "scene" as you were when you first got your nightster two months ago, that you traded for a basket ironhead sporty, just one month ago.But in three weeks, his blog will have a shirt, and a sticker, that will be sent to you, and you will write that he is rad and rules so much.

Meanwhile, us DEADBEATMOTHERFUCKERS will be busy posting ORIGINAL chopper related things that were built or painted, or welded or barbequed by US. We will be the ones at some DiCE parties and bike swaps keeping to ourselves, and not being noticed...because we don't design shirts more than we chop/ride. And you might not catch us wearing your fucking shirts either. Fucking fashion show/self made company bikers, providing nothing more than clothes and scanned pictures. FUCK OFF.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Deadbeats stay busy maaayyne!!

Me and my buds have been able to sock-it to "Old Man Winter" by keepin' busy on a few random projects.To start, Puke Machine's panhead project coming along a little faster than we all thought, Mason's new v-stack,rewire,new tank,and new handlebars are lookin' tits,and there's been a little paint bein' squirted by Hotrod Aaron. Also, Mc Chop's new paint is done, and is doin' some tranny repair, plus, some horrible pinstripe provided by your's truly, Sick Nicky is making headway on the sporty tank project,and Danny the Dog did some heavy maintinance on his could say that we stayed buys during these colder months. I appologize about the shitty pictures, but as i said in a previous post, my camera took a shit, so these cell phone pictures will have to suffice. And I'm well aware that I lack pictures of Sicky's tank, and Danny the Dogs bike, but's 11:20 at night, and I'm feelin' pretty crummy from todays wrist surgeory,so fuck off shitty dicks!!! Did I mention Mr.Fantastic's new homemade sissy bar?SNNNAAAPPP!!! We be crazy!!!...I'm not even sure what everyone else is up to...but I'm sure it stink's just as much as these fine examples I put before you!!! DBMF for life!!!

Monday, March 15, 2010

The ever-so elusive 21" mag

I think W.C.C. had something to do with this front wheel, that graces the pan pictured here, the owner is Bill Wall, who is the go-to guy for seats and shit for Mr.James' the math, and follow the trail, everybody knows everybody.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

It's in the blood!!!

My boy Hotrod Aaron's mah was on the cover of a sweet rag back in the day SWEEEETAH!!!!! He was born to be one of us!!! DBMFers FOR LIFE ROFL!!!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Damn Skippy

Once you've lost your youth, you've lost your right to ride.....something cool.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

R.I.P. g9 wimp

Our stupid $500 camera died after very few years of service. It was a dope camera, but a little wimpy for the price we paid for it. I didn't expect the mother fucker to hold up if I smashed it across someone's face, but come on.... I am im need of a good compact camera with little shutter lag, and high quality pix. I need something as durable as me, that can take pictures on the fly. I like shooting from the bike, and rolling on the dirt, any suggestions? I guess it's time to flex my "Pro-sumer" muscles.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

New stuff soon, my blog sucks

I try to update my blog regularly, with ORIGINAL CONTENT, hopefully that is what seperates me from about a hundred other "biker blogs". Its easy to scan a magazine or post vintage pictures swooped up from hours of google-imaging...I try to post things that are immediately related to me in one way or another, a run me and the crew went on, a tank we moded, a helmet I striped, pictures I took...shit like that.
I try to keep the content fresh for my three and a half views I get daily....but somethimes I just gotta do a post like this, stay tuned.