Tuesday, October 27, 2015

That's whats up!!!

My old internet acquaintance just shot me an email that REALLY got me stoked, I'll copy the email and let y'all read it. shit like this keeps me rollin' .....and even though I'm a smart ass online sometimes, I usually will bend over backwards to help someone out with tech/fab tips. I want to promote safe and cool looking shit while helping homies avoid a lot of the speed bumps I've had to encounter. This dude made my fuckin day man. I love hardcore homebuilt choppers, and appreciate the bad mother fuckers willing to lend an ear when it comes to tips and tricks, and I REALLY appreciate a homie that can give props and continue to try to excel at their craft. Ride on brother, keep choppin, and shoot me an e-mail if you ever need another set of eyes to solve a problem! Anyone can e-mail me at kingdeadbeat@gmail.com if they think they need a hand, or have a tip I could use!!!
He wrote: Not sure if you remember or not but we hooked up off the JJ a couple years ago and you sent me a shit ton of pictures of your bike and how to mount that rear fender and things. I have the twinkie fat boy that I was sort of using your bike as an example for where I wanted to go with it. Anyway it's pretty much done and in it's "natural state of evolution" or "digression" or whatever you call it. I was just running through some old links on my computer this morning and ran across the kingdeadbeat blog. I know you had pulled away from it for a while a couple years ago and was surprised to see the post in September about all the bikes you've built, had a hand in building, parts, or whatever. Well I wanted to send a picture of "your mom" as she sits now because it's heavily influenced by your bike and the other ideas I've seen come out over the years. It's hilarious because in Mississippi here there is a VERY modest "chop cult" so to speak. Mostly big baggers with giant displacement, chrome, loud radios and 26-31 inch front tires and tons of chrome and did I say chrome? Anyway the guys I ride with always laugh because I can park mine in the middle of $350,000 worth of bikes and NO ONE looks at them, asks questions about them. They flock to mine. Fist question is ALWAYS "you build this?" second invariably is "you need some padding on that seat", third is " I used to ride a hard tail, until I got smart and bought a bagger". (it fucks them up when I say it's more comfortable than your bagger, it's a softail, and it's a twin cam.... that I've put 89,000+ miles on as she sits.) anyway after reading the blog post I thought you left out one catagory... "bikes you inspired". So here's a southern build west coast inspired dandy for you. "your mom". hope things are well sir. m specs: 2001 FLSTFC Akront aluminums with drop center star hubs, twisted spoke 18"x5.75" rear, 16'x3.5" Peanut tank 34 Farmall tractor spotlight, with updated internals flat fender boat trailer rear fender hand made clip ons Motor: stock 88B Andrews 57 cams Redline adjustable pushrods stock 40mm CV carb feuling solid state 3-5 psi fuel pump port matched and flowed heads (done the old school way in my garage with a water hose and a lot of prayers) Never dynoed it but let's just say there are guys with 30K+ in their 125 cu in bagger cvo motors that are real fucking surprised when they are looking at your mom's big fat ass pulling away from them..... :-D Anyway - thanks for the advice, inspiration and being cool enough to take some time to point me in the right direction. Keep up the good work Mr. Santos