Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Photo time

 Mase Dog!!!

 Nick and Megan
 Me in High School sitting on my dads bike HAHAHAHA
 Kevo and Burdik
 Mariachi ass Hotrod Aaron and friends
 My babe modeling with my bike
 Jimmy the Chap's bike.
 Home from work
Roxy is crazy
So is her idiot brother

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Oil & Water Art Show

Oil &Water........Ink & Iron......... Piss & Vinegar........Mac & Cheese....Whatever you call an event, If bikes are involved, you'll have my attention, for about 30 mins. Oil & Vinegar was kind of a cool little art expo that me and a few DEADBEATMOTHERFUCKERs decided to check out, after doing a lap through, we cruised to Hollywood Blvd. to get some grub...end of story. Good time with good friends, something to do on a Saturday, right?

Putty Notebloom's 70's style Shopper
a patch, or some shit

 A picture, of a picture
 Shy guy fucked up my shot!!!
 Sonny boy is a king among men!!!

 Rudy Nut-Boom's wife's bike, "The Desert Rose" I believe
 One of my favorites

 Looking one way in the exhibit:
 Then the other way:

 My best picture at the show I think.

 Magillacutty Scrote-Doom's other shopper at the show

 This shit was as big as a real human man!!!!
 Typical L.A. bullshit "D.J. Corn dog" or some ironic snarky hipster type name...
 Fucking amazing art!!!
 Best part of the night: Seeing an old Friend J.D. Sansaver, and him: (1) actually remembering us (2) stopping to chit-chat!!!         He is an amazing fabricator/artist/influence...check his blog, I just added to my side bar!!! "Flying monkey fabrication"

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Great video

Everything about this video FUCKING KILLS!!!        (music/camera angle/subject matter)

Break ton Neck from Alex Yde on Vimeo.

Once a B-Boy, always a B-Boy, this kind of stuff gets me everytime!!!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

El Rey's bike

This 1989 Softail has been in my life since I was the tender age of 16 (and a half). My dad and I had taken it to the chopping block since the day we bought it, and although it has seen better days, I feel it has blossomed into the hardcore, dirty ass utilitarian death machine you see here. I will never part from this "Weapon of Choice" being that I have over a decade, and endless/undocumented miles upon its hand made saddle. Almost every part on this heap has been touched, or broken by me, and an even smaller amount of parts, have been made by the hands and minds of myself, and a group of dear friends...each part has a story, and there are more to come. I hope to redo the shit out of this bike come winter, hopefully displaying the skills I have obtained while experimenting on my bike, and in turn, I will be able to rack up another couple of decades riding it to places unknown...I just have to stop riding it long enough to actually pull off a tune up/face lift.   Ride safe assholes.

My roach clip/jumper wire
Prayer beads are a must when you hang with the Reaper

Ass-backwards brake pedal & no footpeg

Dirty Bitches like to be "choked" sometimes (shitty CV intake buy me)

"Rattle Can Dan"...45 mins. total in paint 

Says it all

Side mount neutral light/broke speedo featuring the Lord

Jockey lever & grip added 50 Horses, to the rear wheel!!!

Hand formed seat,bag bracket and rad hardware for seat

Keep it narrow (backwards foot clutch lever/ no peg)

Middy-peg by me, same goes for polish job on primary


Crooked headlight mounted with a small nut & cotter pin

Cut down brake lever, homemade T-Bars, and a sticker

No, not sponsored by Van's(Baker 6 speed, thanks to Gary P.)