Thursday, August 13, 2009


I don't know who originally came up with the hair-brained idea, but for the past few years people have been trying to convince themselves and others that baggers are cool, which we all know ARE NOT. These are the same dooshies who bought into the chopper scene when it was popin' and soon realized that choppers hurt.....What now? lets all start riding "Geezer Pleezers" we can still wear our BRO bandannas, skin industries jerzies, and Chuck Taylors...AND be comfortable!!! blacked out paint, 23" front fattie tires, super gooey looking body work....The day I have to ride a bagger is the day I stop riding, these guys are queerbaits!!! baggers will always suck, no matter how much you try to justify them to yourselves, or others,now FUCK OFF WIMPY-SPINE!!!

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hdferg said...

It's about time someone said it!!!
Don't forget trikes are for dikes!