Sunday, September 27, 2009

"Cycle Zombies" & "Born Free"

The two shows were dope as FUCK!!! Lets start with the Cycle Zombies event:Sweet atmoshphere with a dope location, Skate jam with free food and drink (TASTY ASS BURGER), cool vendors, sweet bands "Thee Cormans" are the best!!!, and of course amazing bikes!!! I wish we took more pix of the scenery there...and the peeps. Born Free event: Close to the Cycle Zombies (20 min. away) AMAZING BIKES...from Nor-Cal and outta state, location was kinda hot, good parking, though it kinda lacked places to sit....This event was more bikes, but the other show had better atmosphere.....over all, between the two shows IT WAS A GREAT TIME!!!!!!! they both brought something to the table, and I would attend them anytime!!! that plus about 300mi. on the clock made for a sweet time, on and off the bike!!!

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