Sunday, November 8, 2009

Starving Artists

I've been lacking a little on the posts lately, the content has been weak, and posts have been a little more spaced out than usual. On the contrary,I have really been trying to step up my productivity game when it comes down to my hands-on projects. A few friends and I have felt the need to really focus on doing something noteworthy...."Contributing to the Scene" if you must.

I have really been banging out a lot of art lately, though I'm still weary of calling myself, "An Artist"...maybe I have just been doing "Artistic Things". I also am happy to have such inspirational surroundings to keep me moving forward, I have many friends who are doing great things with their hands, tattoo artists, ground-up hot-rod builders, painters, photographers, and most importantly, supportive friends and family. I have a bad habit of giving out my work with out taking decent pictures first, and to be honest, I'm not sure if I could really post a picture of my work that would be suiting to a post such as this one.

One of my new goals is to take pictures of my work that I may be able to track down, as to have a better record of my "Talents"...and I say that loosely. Sorry if this write up seems to be a bit scattered, with its varieing content and such, I just felt there should be an explination for my lack of interesting posts.

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