Friday, February 26, 2010

My secret project

If you have been by my house lately, or read some of my posts on certian forums, this bike might not be a secret anymore, but for some it may be. Here is the bike that my mom decided to pick up for my honey, it is a 1994 Honda shadow VLX 600. A friend of mine and I started hooking it up 4 years ago, and never finished, I called dibs if he ever sold it, and about a month ago, that payed off. We picked it up for a song, and am very happy about it because my mom was thinking about scoring me another 1970's cb 750, but I made a call, and had her pick this up instead. I feel this will be a good bike for my chick, it has a low seat hight, light weight, and powerful enough, but not scary fast. I have intentions of cleaning it up a bit but not doing too much. The upgrades will be: Sporty tank (frisco mouted)1" Risers,clean up rear fender, new chain,new tires, and a new headlight. Maybe a few more upgrades that I haven't thought of, but it is mostly cosmetic. Thank you mom, I love you!!!

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