Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Less blogging/More busy:

Sorry I have been lacking a bit on the blog, it's not due to being a slacker, it's actually the opposite. Me and my REAL ASS MOTHER FUCKING DEADBEATS have been putting in work, between me and my bud's we have been able to get quite a bit done, and I would say we still have quite a bit ahead of us...fun times for sure!!!

Finally gonna polish off the remainder of Frasier's bike:

This fool Mijo came over to ruin a perfectly good motorcycle, (Notice him praying to his new seat pan)

Pulling bikes out to clean the garage, repeatedly!!!

Hotrod Aaron came by to talk about ugly riding positions, (his)

Finishing up Fern dog's bike, the mids I designed are gonna need some machining, and I'm gonna finalize his low-budget paint this week (hopefully)

Yard sales on the Eastside aren't to be taken lightly.

Germy's new paint job, gotta fine tune it with some stripes and such

Gotta start prepping for the Long Beach Swap, this month we may ride down, and actually be sellers of things,instead of buyers, for a change. (This punker kid came correct last month, righteous helmets!!!)

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