Saturday, July 3, 2010

Keep busy, even when you bizay

I've been really busy with my new job, but I still try to manage to get time in for stuff. I have been laying lines, and chopping quite a bit lately, not to mention a few random art projects I've been working on. This is the fresh content that I try to keep on my blog in order to keep my 2 readers interested...thanks mom & dad for checkin' the blog out!!!

Traded off some pinstripe work for a haircut, teehee!!:

Roxy cleans the garage with her 3/4 helmet on:

Jeremy's sporty back from Slim's fab, with a fresh hardtail section...needing fresh paint to match:

Sick Nick, straight GRIIINDING...tryin to get the "Dog piss pipes" going (version 2):

A German inspired clock I made for Panhead John, (silver leaf & rattle can):

A helmet I striped for a friend, D.B.M.F. for life:


TIM said...

That's three people Danny. Mom, Dad and the Korean guy.

DEADBEAT said...

Soo Solly Rim!!! I didn't know you rooked at my Brog!!! lol

Flip for life!!!

Wency said...

How do guys like slims hard tail conversion?