Sunday, September 19, 2010

Summer ends, choppin begins

Winter around the bend, time to chop and repair for next summer, fuck heads!!!

I gotta finish up the Honda chopper for this broad:

Cuz Tony is on two wheels, another Honda chop on the block:

Mase dog's sporty got a new hardtail frame, and some fork tubes and shit FUCK YES!!!
(King seat pan coming soon)

Laying (relaying) lines for friends, Matt had to get the paint touched up.

D.B.M.F. Hollywood/Ireland chapter

Danny the dog pulled daddy duty all summer, and still got his miles in!!!
(good job kid)


Mexican American said...

Danny, what r u doin. Do you know anyone who wants to swap my 97 chevy , for a sportster?

DEADBEAT said...

Sprties are for girls, fags, and girls who are fags.