Sunday, April 3, 2011

Mega make-up post

I like to blow off the blog for many a night...then post the fuck outta it!!! this is just the tit of the ice berg, I still have a lot of projects that I will report on at another time, this is just some fun pictures to look at.

Cisco's Burger, our after-swap stop

Nice boards at the swappy

Neat looking metric cafe-style chopper-bobber-brat style

Very clean

Harley sprote-ster chop

Neat lil bugger

The dream

Shitty weather, with a good turn-out regardless


Paint work

A model car I pinned for a friend, Logan

Gary Peacemaker, and the sidecar that I was too incompitent to do all by myself,BIG thanks to Hotrod Aaron for helping me immensley!!! And Gary for the work on my bike!!! (note the hat I photoshopped, due to hair, its a Von Dutch cowboy/girl hat)

Here is some homeless we picked up and took to Long Beach with us, he was thankful for the burger we got him at Cisco's

We also take pictures of people on the freeway, they seem happy (sometimes)

Sick Nick....

and his gnarly purchases

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