Monday, May 9, 2011


Me and the crew had a B.B.Q. a few weeks ago, decent turn out, but there is always a few who can't make it, which sucks. We got our "que" on and a little fabrication too while we were at it, everyone that made it seemed to have a good time, but it woulda been better if we had a few more DEADBEATs around to fill the roster!!! Jeremy,Aaron,Bret, Kris,Danny, and Mase-dog...(among a few others) better get your asses over for the next one!!!

Flash burn is fun!!!

Idiot #1

Idiot #2

Flame-thowin' Nick

Megan looks like a Beautiful Saint/Angel (Looks can be deceiving)

How many DBMFers does it take to wrap an exhaust pipe?

Our purchase of bar stools proved to be pointless!!!

The propane B.B.Q. broke, so we got our ghetto on and bought a charcoal one just to get grillin' (we didn't want to fully assemble it though)

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