Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Oil & Water Art Show

Oil &Water........Ink & Iron......... Piss & Vinegar........Mac & Cheese....Whatever you call an event, If bikes are involved, you'll have my attention, for about 30 mins. Oil & Vinegar was kind of a cool little art expo that me and a few DEADBEATMOTHERFUCKERs decided to check out, after doing a lap through, we cruised to Hollywood Blvd. to get some grub...end of story. Good time with good friends, something to do on a Saturday, right?

Putty Notebloom's 70's style Shopper
a patch, or some shit

 A picture, of a picture
 Shy guy fucked up my shot!!!
 Sonny boy is a king among men!!!

 Rudy Nut-Boom's wife's bike, "The Desert Rose" I believe
 One of my favorites

 Looking one way in the exhibit:
 Then the other way:

 My best picture at the show I think.

 Magillacutty Scrote-Doom's other shopper at the show

 This shit was as big as a real human man!!!!
 Typical L.A. bullshit "D.J. Corn dog" or some ironic snarky hipster type name...
 Fucking amazing art!!!
 Best part of the night: Seeing an old Friend J.D. Sansaver, and him: (1) actually remembering us (2) stopping to chit-chat!!!         He is an amazing fabricator/artist/influence...check his blog, I just added to my side bar!!! "Flying monkey fabrication"

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