Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Bad ass bike for sale

The homie Dirty Bird Mace is selling his choppah, this thing is fast, reliable, and badass...if you can't handle all the cops that will hate you, and all the skanks that'll love ya while riding this thing....don't call. BUT, if you want to buy a bike that will get you sexed up and increase your burnoutabilities...then hit him up!!! macymade661@hotmail.com


Unknown said...

that email address bounces back as bad.

do you know how much stretch up & out is on the bike & is it an 883 or 1200

thanks man

DEADBEAT said...

Sorry about the email, I think it is 4" up and 2" out?!?!?! its the "Swedish frame" from paughco....give homie a call, he gots the details 1-661-972-6996