Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Bike related NO, sweetnicity related YES

What's the best thing to do when you wake up semi-early on a sunny day? GO RIDING!!!!Do you know what the second-best thing is though? Shooting!!! Especially when you got wrist surgery a week ago, and riding isn't really an option....needless to say blasting multiple calibers including my 12 GA. isn't exactly Doctors orders.My hand swelled up a little, but that is the joy of having my last few pills of vicadin left from the perscripshie...Me and a few of my boys (and girls) decided to go to the next County and pop off some rounds, a few hours and some funny ass targets makes for a good time, so long as you got a couple chairs, a burglar beanie, and some Gatorades...the chorizo breakfast burritos weren't the best idea.Pretty much, we had fun, and freaked out the other people who were unfortunate enough to be shooting a stones-throw away from us....FUCK IT. (next time we takin' EVERY DEADBEAT)

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