Sunday, April 11, 2010

Bitter sweet day

Me and my pops and Frasier rolled to the Street Choppers event yesterday. Between a shitty ride, shitty food, and showing up after half the bikes left, you would think the days was...shitty.Not necessarily. We got to chat with one of the dudes from a well known Biker magazine, and he said he liked my pop's style, and would like to do a write-up of my pop's bike, SWEET. AND, we spoke to Slim, and he said he would be able to help us with our hard tail situation on Bret's bike, DOUBLE SWEET. So between those two breaks, the ride ended up being worth it. Slim is a great guy who does amazing fabrication/art, for an extremely reasonable price. fuck yes.

Slimfab from DePalma Clothing on Vimeo.

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