Thursday, April 15, 2010

Pony's Affliction

My buddy John just started a blog, boredom and lack of sleep can be a mother fucker!!! But, sometimes good things come outta bad sleep, such as, "Pony's affliction" His blog is going to be unlike most half-assed attempts at the pure chopper madness we are so used to seeing these days.

In a sea of recycled scans of old biker rags by 20-something year olds, I feel John is exactly what we need in this scene to contribute some "new" old stuff, the kinda pictures and stories you won't find online on some run of the mill chopper-bobber-blogger-mamma's site. These are the pictures from an old shoe box in a garage, and the stories from someone who created this scene, not from us cool kids who are trying dearly to re-enact it. Based off his first post, and intro, I think there is gonna be some good reading to come.


Nixon said...

this sounded like some good shit, but the link doesn't work anymore. what happened?

kaka said...

Good Friend, Niko here! Just sayin hello everyone! Rocky showed me the lightPlay Bingobolatangkas2