Thursday, September 3, 2015

FUCK POSERS ride an evo softie

My dads bike is rad, the end. Well, maybe not yet. I think its time to rant a bit, I'm influenced by so many styles of motorcycle, but one thing that I took, and ran with is the EVO motor. Hardtail, softail, swing arm...the configuration doesn't matter, the evolution motor is one of the most reliable motors Harley has put out, yet for some reason, it seems to be the least respected. We got all the Gallagher looking hippie van driving 112 Lb. faggots riding around on clunker ass shovel heads, intentionally buying shit motors with swapmeet shit parts, cobbling them together and leaving the vintage dirt on em to boot. COOL'll be an invited builder by next year due to your bro love and mutual masturbation of other vintage bike "cobblers". AND then there is the Dyna-club-outlaw-SOA bike riders...Black fairing, 39" T-Bars, black thunder header, Lyndal brakes, hard core finger guards, black stuff... and they have to wear camo shorts, full tatty sleeves, vans sk8-hi, and a $900 Simpson helmet on a head worth half as much...Oh yeah, and they are ex crotch rocket stunter fags, or braaap bros, maybe chopper guys who couldn't handle riding a bike that "hurt" they say, "Dude, you gotta rip this thing, it fucking hauls ass" or "This shit is waaay better than my chopper, I just wanted something turn-key that I could really put some miles on" Guess what? MY BIKE IS TURN KEY.....and I'm pretty sure a lot of you keep your shit garaged just as much as you did your AMF chopper blopper. I don't even need to say anything about bagger fags, If you're not 68 years old with spine injuries, you shouldn't ride em. Now that brings me to this whole point. MY DAD IS OVER 50-he has owned and ridden this bike for at least 20 years looking like this in one form or another, it's an evo powered jockey shift SOFTAIL. Fast. Reliable. Damn good looking. So that is why I ride a evo softail CHOPPER, its as fast and reliable and comfortable and cool as its gotta be. I BUILT IT, I RIDE IT, I will never puss out and ride a dyna, I will never succumb to the peer pressure of thinking a shovel is cooler than an evo, and I will never ride a fucking BAGGER. Fuck poser ass dudes riding "built not boughts" that they paid for, and fuck all these scrawny bitches who are riding their stock sporties and wearing sparkle panties during this invigorating new "Lifestyle" stay in the kitchen bitch, if any real rider broads come out of 10,000 poser bitches, good, if not, I could give a shit. So why the anger, I guess I'm getting to the point to where I earned it, I built 95% of my bike (with help from my friend and mentor Gary Peacemaker)I've been riding it for over 15 years, and I've built and customized over a dozen bikes, foreign and domestic. If I feel like I'm getting to old for this shit, I'll put air suspension on my shit, for now ALL THESE POSER SCENE FUCKS NEED TO FUCK OFF! fuck your scene, and fuck your bike. EVO SOFTAIL LIFE


rocky said...

thanks son for the thumbs up,G-Pop

nevada smith said...

home built softails rule. fuck the haters. LL