Friday, September 4, 2015

Memories and Updates

Here is a small post showing some of the bikes I've built, helped build, donated parts to, influenced, been influenced by, I may have made one part, maybe just painted, or built completely (aside from Harley doing the motors and a few non aesthetic components)These belong to friends mostly, some acquaintances, and some strictly customers. I have learned a lot over the years, with help and influence from people. I'm proud to say I've built and help build some pretty righteous bikes, I enjoy riding mine with my friends too. I may edit this post down the road and add pix, or maybe do a part 2 as I find more older projects I may have forgot about.-DESCRIPTION WILL BE ABOVE BIKE PICTURE, I MAY HAVE MISEED SOME DETAILS ABOUT EACH BUILD, OR LEFT EM OUT BECAUSE ITS OBVIOUS- Tony's build: Its currently in the build process, but will have a 23" front, 18" rear, rewire, redtail leather seat, custom exhaust, one-off sissy bar, modded gas tank, side mount coil, ribbed fender, custom bars, hella headlight, titmouse taillight, and a slew of other shit, more pix to come, this should be one of my nicest builds hopefully!!!
Rob's build: one-off bars (gifted from Dakotas build) mounted a tank, mounted vintage sissybar, headlight mounts, rewire, chopped OEM fender, side mount coil & speedo, taillight mount, aircleaner.
Dakota's build: modded a coffin tank, rewire, one-off seat, aircleaner, side mount coil & speedo, flip rear fender, modded old vintage sissy bar to fit.
Honda shadow build Tank mount, indian scout rear fender & brackets, exhaust, one-off seat, bars.
Holly's sporty build: (in the works) 21" front w painted calipers, fairing, clip-ons, modded sporty tank, rear fairing, custom exhaust, one off aluminum oil bag, extended swing arm, rear shock mounts flipped, side mount coil etc.
Steve's Death Stalker sporty build version 1 : modded alien tank, one-off bars,dual headlight mount, rewire, side mount coil, one-off seat, sissy bar, rear feder, custom exhaust
version2 Steve and Petey went up and out on the frame, 7" over front end, 23" front wheel etc. ...still in the works
Boris' Kawasaki build: black out wheels, tank mount, one-off bars, seat mount, (2) rear fender configurations, some rewire, aircleaner, side mount speedo, soon to mod exhaust
Fern's 1st softail 21" front, de-tinned front end, headlight, mid controls, one-off seat pad, rear fender, custom exhaust
Fern Dogg's 2nd softail same shit as 1st, headlight mounts- 23" front wheel, tank, mids and jockey to come
Vital's Santanico Panimonium 6" over front, shaved lowers, modded tank, rewire, sidemount coils, one-off seat, modded OEM rear fender, sissy bar,exhaust, etc.
Cousin Joey's sporty: Hardtail rear section welded on, ribbed rear fender w sissy bar, seat mounted, custom exhaust, mounted and modded tank, rewire,etc....this bike went from Cali to Missouri for its maiden voyage with no problems!!!
Mark's Iron Giant softail One-off seat, exhaust, rewire, side mount coil, mid pegs, jockey shift and lever, mount rear fender, sissy bar & taillight mount, lower leg shave, all by me. (tank & bars by other local fabricators) bike has since been to a professional frame builder, a 23" front wheel has been assembled, new headlight was spray painted & mounted, and a few pairs of bars have been made by my buddy Burd, I also think the rake and trail has been redone via front ends and triple trees via High Desert Performance.
One configuration of my bike
Brother Kris Sherry's sporty: Built 100% by Kris, he used some DEADBEAT MFG. bars, and I think they look killer, good job brother!
Crusher's moto sporty modded BMX bars, side mount coil, sissy bar, one off seat, chopped OEM fender, rewire, hes done exhaust, jockey, mids, and a few other things since this pic.
Did this for a local dude Edgar, he wanted clean and simple, cool ass dude! painted wheels & calipers, DB MFG bars, modded tank, one-off seat, chopped OEM fender, strutted, rewired, aircleaner, side mount coil, custom exhaust etc.
Little Danny's bike mounted tank, paint & pinstripe, chopped fender, other little shit he banged out on it
Jesus Nate's sporty chopped OEM fender, struts, side mount coil (hose clamp style lol) rewire, seat mount, etc
Lucas' Bike (Formerly Mark's) mounted rear fender, extended swing arm (me and HDP) side mount license plate, tail light mount, oil bag mount w rear covers, rewire, mount a modded tank, mounted seat, 21" front, headlight mount, etc
My buddy Mike's bike tank mount, seat mount, sissy bar, exhaust (never got to clean em up)
Risky's bike Helped with a few things on this, he banged out a ton, he let me get down bg time on the stripe (not pictured)
Yodanny's bike one-off pipes, seat mount, fender and sissybar mount (bad luck w this one) tank mount, air cleaner, maybe a few other things...
Jeremy's sporty, paint, tank mount, bars, mounted the aid cleaner, maybe pipes. Slim's fab did the rear fender, hardtail, sissybar, and oil bag, & seat
As I said, I have done a lot of work on a lot of these bikes, NOT all of the work on all of these bikes, some completely avoided the chopping block and my hand, but for anyone claiming to be a bike builder, or saying they built shit they didn't I'd gladly hand them a cut-off wheel and welder and see what's up, guarantee they'd end up with a band aid and hurt feelings if I asked em to build a sissy bar from scratch! haha, anyways...Its all about fun and progress, keep it humble and always try to do better, leave the egos at the door. Stop playing dress up and get your hands dirty!I'll call you in ten more years when I think I'm getting the hang of it. ......enough typing for now..... maybe more updates/pix soon, maybe not, if I'm in the garage.

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