Sunday, January 10, 2010

Bike filled saturdays

Woke up early Saturday, that in itself is something I haven't done in a while, drove to Rudy's to help him get his brass-plated death machine over to Panhead John's house, I had to ride due to Rudy's recent shoulder surgery. We showed up and talked a bit, I always love going to John's house to see all the crazy bike shit he has collected over the years, this man was a part of this scene since before it was cool!!!

Danny the dog showed up with our new potential Steve, trying to see about a coil to work on Steve's new super-bargain "sprotie". I ended up going to Hotrod Aaron's shop to shoot the shit and talk about welding up some shit in the near future. I came across his goofy ass copper dragon bike, and some sheet metal he's painting for Jo Jo's bike(have fun wet sanding!!!)...even though it is winter, I'm glad to see the crew is still very active!!!

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