Thursday, January 28, 2010

I love you Harley, but stop now.

Hey consumer, would you like to pay over three times the amount you would pay for a used, and superior Harley Davidson Sportster???? ME TO!!! It comes from the factory already done with hard-to-do mods....ever try flipping your mirrors, ALL BY YOURSELF? I didn't think so pansy ass!!! I know we are fucusing on twenty-something hipster/scenester types, but we need to make a buck too, $10k sound fair? I knew it would!!! We even made a video that TELLS YOU that YOU are the type of guy buying this radically custom bike...see the tattoo boys, and hot little hipster babes? It's you in a nut shell right?.....16" front wheel? RIGHTEOUS!!!

...Just playin' Harley, you know I luuuuuv you, you are in the right direction and I hate you for it, Sincerely, angry hipster Nightster owner. (A.K.A. Sk8-hi Vans/Flannel dude)

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Allen said...

When I graduate from law school, that's the bike I am going to buy if my fiance' lets me get a summer job at her fathers firm.