Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Amazing Sportster

I took this picture from Allen's blog, which has many pictures of the most amazing girls bike EVER, the Harley Sprotor. And he has pictures of funny shit, like some dumb bitch getting silly stringed by an intense kid, who looks intense!!! Heck, There are even a couple o' cool shots of a few of my buddies bikes on his site!!!

(Sorry DEADBEATS, you gotta sift through his posts yourself to find who ye be)

Keep up the good blogging, funny stuff is funny!!!


I like your blog friend, Don't be a stranger/stalker at this months L.B. swap...an intro is way past due buddy!!!


Allen said...

I'll be there! ~ thanks for the meth on the blog ~

kerr said...

hey king

cheers for the props on bike ... here's couple of shots of how she looks now ... http://caffeinesleep.blogspot.com/

kaka said...

Good Friend, Niko here! Just sayin hello everyone! Rocky showed me the lightPlay Bingobolatangkas2