Friday, May 7, 2010

Wizard's Paughco for sale.

My main man Mike G is getting rid of his hard-tail frame, to help fund his fixie- addikshie.....J.K.!!!! he wants to actually sell the hard-tail and utilize his OLD OEM frame, which already possesses quite a bit of his blood, sweat, and beard....He is gonna pull the same deal Fab Kevin did in the Horse magazine a few issues back, where he lightened up a stock softail by cutting off the rear section and using some factory looking castings around the axle adjusters and such, shedding roughly 75 Lbs.? Correct me if I'm wrong. Oh, yeah, he be askin' $750.00. LIVE THE DREAM!!!

Here are some Dimensions:
paughco wishbone hardtail
- model #S128
- oem style neck
- 0 egrees up
- 0 degrees out
- 30 degree rake
- (no foward control mounts)
- evo motor
- 4 speed trans

contact me if yer interested, or interesting.


Seth "Whiggity" Wallace said...

So are me and Mikey G in the same boat as far as building goes? I would like to someday ride again with you guys.

DEADBEAT said...

Damn dude, lets make it happen, same boat, maybe. Both not riding, yes. Me happy, no.......lets work all those equations together friend!!!

A.K.A. Pappa Seth a.k.a. congrats paps

Seth "Whiggity" Wallace said...

Yeah I have a long laundry list of things I want to do to my bike, because I want this to be the final build type of thing. From handle bars to sissy bar. Main thing right now is welding.

Seth "Whiggity" Wallace said...

Oh, and thanks about the baby.

Tyler Wigger said...
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