Thursday, May 13, 2010


Sorry for the double posts lately, I guess I'm trying to make up for lost time due to the whole tonsil ordeal (pictures soon of gross throat). Here is a link to a virtual reality fight that I just got into, WHEEW is my heart racing!!! I can't even control my adrenaline right now!!! I love motorcycles and all aspects of them. Some people ride, and don't customize, some wrench all day, and barely hit the road, some build show winning master peices, and never fire the bike once....I love it all. People get fascinated with finding ways to squeeze that last couple of horses, while some are dying to learn how to pinstripe or TIG. Diversity is king, but in my word, it plays second fiddle to humor, So fuck off and die you pabst drinkin,sporty ridin, fixie ownin, tight pant freak who beleives in freegan lifestyle, and, by the way, Good job Mr. Obama....J.K's for everyone (self applaud)

(Read the whole page for maximum funny)
Chop Cult SUPER FIGHT (not)

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